Writing… 25 minutes at a time

The Pomodoro Technique is perhaps the single easiest way to put some serious writing time in your rear-view mirror. It is efficient and manageable and works like a charm — for me, at least.

Check out the Pomodoro site for details, but basically, you write 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break, then rinse, lather, repeat. The idea is that you break a day’s work (or less) into non-painful increments. You take breaks (sunshine! cigarettes! vodka!). You get it done, because you are writing and writing and writing and you stop when the dinger dings.

I like that I can do a single Pomodoro and feel productive — maybe on a weekend, when I am trying to sneak in a little extra work — or I can do several hours’ worth. Time flies when you’re having fun. You don’t have to write all day… you only have to write for 25 minutes.

Give it a whirl.

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